Rhodium Plating

Often referred to as 24k chrome white gold, Rhodium is one of the most valuable / expensive metals and the price exceeds the price of 24k gold, as a comparison (April 2020) the price of gold per 1 gram = 860,000 idr vs the price of rhodium per 1 gram = 4,933,500 idr, you can imagine that Rhodium is very expensive and rare.

Rhodium has a metallic silver white color which is very reflective / luster and has benefits such as Anti Corrosion / Rust, Anti Allergy, Not easy to scratch.

KIMFOOK uses Rhodium Plating imported from Germany & Italy, as an outer layer of gold jewelry produced, so that all our customers will get white gold jewelry that is very shiny, white, clean and free from allergies, suitable for every day use

The thickness of our Rhodium Plating can reach 5micron, compared to common plating generally does not reach 1micron, so we can be sure that KIMFOOK Rhodium Plating will last longer


Price Start From 500.000 idr