KIMFOOK LAB is equipped with 2 sophisticated machines:

1. XRF TESTER MACHINE, can identify jewelry with more than 70 types of metal (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc.) or hazardous content (nickel, cobalt, etc.) with a high degree of accuracy (ROHS) – does not damage jewelry that will tested

2. OGI DIAMOND SYSTEM, can identify Diamond Jewelry or loose Diamond to distinguish natural / synthetic lab such as CVD, HPHT, DIAMOND COATING CZ, MOISSANITE DIAMOND COATING, MOISSANITE, CUBIC ZIRCONIA, SWAROSKI

“HONGKONG white gold jewelery tends to contain NICKEL (Nickel is very cheap and is used to give a hard effect and white metallic color to the gold mixture) Nickel can cause allergic dermatitis / red rashes and itching of the skin, European countries have banned the use of nickel in jewelry”

Why is it so important to do XRF & OGI testing, jewelry fraud is now so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to detect using only standard tools, such as “diamond selector” that can’t distinguish between natural or lab diamonds, and cheating on gold jewelry also often done by reducing the % carat gold level that you buy

case study: someone buys 18k / 750 gold which means that the gold content must be 75% of the total weight of gold jewelery, but when we check, the results that we find in the jewelery only contain 50 – 60% of gold, it means that fraud has been committed, and we also find HONGKONG white gold jewelery that contains Nickel, this Nickel element can cause skin allergies / severe itching and has been banned by some countries such as EUROPE, therefore it is very important to buy gold / diamond jewelry from companies that can explain/responsible to the jewelry content

Not all jewelry stores / companies have XRF TESTER MACHINE and OGI DIAMOND TESTER, both of these tools are very expensive. at KIMFOOK we provide lab test services at very low cost starting from 300k idr / $20 , contact our staff or check our promotions to find out test fees


1.Dangerous Detect, can find out the type of metal content in your jewelry whether it contains nickel, cobalt or other dangerous metal elements

2.Gold Content, can find out what% of the gold content in jewelry

3.Non Destructive Testing, meaning that it will not damage your jewelry

4.High precision PPM level accuracy, + – 0.01% high accuracy level

5.Fast Accuracy, only takes 60 seconds for sample testing


1.Jewelery Direct, can test the authenticity of diamonds in finished jewelry, without the need to remove diamond stones

2.Stone Identification, using a UV system to distinguish genuine natural diamonds from synthetic labs such as CVD, HPHT, DIAMOND COATING CZ / MS, MOISSANITE, SWAROSKI, CUBIZ ZIRCON, GLASS

3.Fast Result, only takes less than 1 minute

4.Parcel Test, can test thousands of melee diamonds in a bag

5.Accuracy, the level of test results is very accurate and the results can be compared / reference with renowned Gemology LAB

Start From 300k idr / $20

XRF TESTER MACHINE cost around $50.000 and OGI DIAMOND SCREENER cost around $20.000

* XRF TESTER MACHINE is not the final result and is only a quick reference only, if you want 100% accurate results it is recommended to take the Destructive test / breakdown test by melting it, you can test it on advanced metalurgy LAB

* OGI DIAMOND SYSTEM is not the final result and is only a quick reference, if you want 100% accurate results it is recommended to be tested at GIA LAB (BANGKOK / HONGKONG / USA )