Delivery Policy

All products will be shipped using JNE or RPX logistics in a sealed box to all domestic shipments. CCTV will record all packaging process


Expected Delivery Date of The Order

KIMFOOK always provides full service for each customer. Our standard working day is 5 -14 business days. But if something happens that can cause delays in the process; the work process can reach up to 30 – 45 working days depending on the situation and condition


Damaged Package

The package that we sent is equipped with a rigid cardboard box, bubble wrap, and jewelry box. CCTV records the entire packing process, so it is very unlikely if the package comes in a damaged condition.

If you find a package damaged by delivery, the package’s condition is open, then reject the receipt of the box and submit a complaint to the shipping courier and immediately contact us within 1 × 24 hours and do the documentation in the form of photos and videos. We will try to help resolve the issue

Lost Package

Jabodetabek delivery time takes around 2-4 working days and shipping out of town can take 6-10 working days

If the package is lost in shipping, then it is entirely the responsibility of the buyer and the courier, but will be supported by insurance and we will ask for help following up on this problem


Stolen Package

Packages stolen due to the negligence of the expedition/courier or the recipient’s failure are not the responsibility of our company


All items that we send will get a carton box rigid box, bubble wrap, ring box, original seal, and packaging process recorded by CCTV


 First check the package you received, whether in good condition or damaged (has been opened) if it is damaged then immediately complain to the courier


 If the contents in the package have been stolen/exchanged / the seal is forced to open, directly contact us and the expedition within 1 × 24 hours and do photo and video documentation.


 If the package includes insurance, we will help you with the problem


 If you want to report to the police, we will help send all the evidence


Logistic Insurance 

We recommend that all customers use the existing courier services Insurance such as RPX and the like so that your package is always protected from damage/loss/theft

Please first learn the Insurance service from each expedition, because every insurance has a value limit for shipping


Note: JNE cannot ship jewelry. Therefore every shipment of jewelry will be categorized as an accessory and cannot be insured